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Cscrubs with love- wholesale division



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An investment is a gift that keeps on giving as your loved one will earn an unlimited income by selling Cscrubs! Gift cards can be applied at checkout towards a package purchase, are valid for 180 days, and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Frequently Ask Questions

 1. How do I get started as a Cscrubs retailer?

Getting started is quick and easy! Simply review our 7 different start-up packages, select the best one for your financial goals, and purchase. Once you have made your purchase, a representative will contact you within 1 business day via email to open your account, ship the product, and give you access to any free services included. If you would like to take advantage of the layaway option, select the down payment amount you wish to pay online, and a representative will contact you via email within 1 business day to set up a recurring payment plan for the balance. The balance may be broken up into up to 12 interest-free payments over 180 days. Services will begin immediately after being paid for in full.

Book a free consultation call for assistance if you have any additional questions before purchasing.


2. How much will I profit?

Each Cscrubs start-up package will bring you a guaranteed return of double your investment once the Cscrubs Cases are sold by retailing each piece for the suggested retail price listed in the description.

Please note that advertised discounts may be offered to your customers according to our MAP policy, which will be emailed to you once the account is opened, and unadvertised discounts may be provided to your customers for any amount you desire. Please note we do not recommend unadvertised discounts of more than 10% unless it is a big group order. In that event, we recommend no more than 20% off to ensure you earn fair profits.

3. How do I purchase more Cscrubs once my start-up package is sold?

Congratulations, as you've successfully sold out of the Cases in your start-up package! Once you purchase your package you will receive a welcome email via DocuSign with all Cscrubs policies and procedures including access to our wholesale dashboard where you can purchase more Cscrubs Cases. Cases will be priced at only $2500.00 each with 150 pcs included, and a purchase of two or more cases will include a free website upload.

Cases will be sold in A, B, C categories with a variety of over 15 colors sizes Xs to 5x with Talls and Petites included. If you would like to order a specific color, you will simply order multiple cases that include the desired color. Cases include mostly Women’s scrubs currently as those are the best sellers.

4. What does Cscrubs retail for?

Cscrubs tops currently retail for $29.00, and the pants retail for $34.99. There is a suggested upcharge of $2.00 more for plus sizes 2x and up and tall pants. Retailers may retail the scrubs for any desired amount higher than the suggested retail price but will need to follow the MAP policy instructions included in your new account paperwork if you retail for a lower price.
Please note that if you wish to double your investment, you must retail the scrubs for the suggested retail price listed.

5. Where can I sell Cscrubs?

Cscrubs can be sold anywhere in the world! Sell domestically and internationally online via the website or directly to health or beauty facilities. Take advantage of our packages, which include a FREE website and a social media kit, to have the tools needed to sell online. 
Cscrubs is currently accepting international retailers. Please note we only accept USD for payment, and an extra shipping fee per case will be applied to a separate invoice. All domestic accounts will include the shipping cost in the start-up package, and shipping on all other orders via the wholesale dashboard will be added at checkout. We currently accept only two retailers per zip code to avoid saturation. Your zip code will automatically be screened online for a web order, and if it is not available, it will show an error message with an opportunity for you to sign up for a waitlist. We will check your zip code for availability at the time of payment for a phone order. We are unable to check for zip code availability or hold zip codes without payment, as availability is subject to change by the day.

6. Who do I sell Cscrubs to?

Cscrubs can be sold both online and directly to many healthcare and beauty professionals. Scrubs are mostly worn by healthcare providers such as Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, and CNAs, as well as many other healthcare professionals, and are also worn by beauty industry professionals, such as Estheticians, Lash Techs, Body Sculptors, Make-Up Artists, and so much more.
Many unlisted fields wear scrubs that you can research to increase your customer base. For the best success, we recommend promoting your website online and contacting healthcare or beauty facilities such as Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and spas to come in and sell as a vendor. Brick-and-mortar selling is also permitted through approval from our sales team. Due to saturation issues, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and any other third-party sites are not permitted at this time.

7. Is there a service agreement or contract for me to sign?

Yes, once your account is opened you will receive a service agreement with the contents of the purchased package listed and a credit card authorization form to sign as well to verify the card information used to purchase belongs to you in the event of a fraud claim.

Verbal permission, as well as written permission, is enough in the absence of a credit card authorization form in the event of a fraud dispute. Once your account is paid in full and set up your account manager will send you a welcome email with all Cscrubs policies and procedures as well as dashboard access for you to sign.

8. Can I upgrade to a higher package if needed?

Upgrading accounts is not permitted at this time however, since our packages include mostly Cscrubs Cases you may order more cases from our inventory dashboard. We highly recommend starting with the desired package, so you do not miss out on the freebies included in each package as those services are not available Alacarte.

9. Is there a monthly account order minimum to keep my Cscrubs account active, or are there any other fees due?

There is currently no set minimum order required to keep an active Cscrubs account, however we do suggest ordering at least one to two cases a month to ensure you meet the needs of your customers.

If you are taking advantage of the free website option with the purchase of the Silver package and up there is a small Shopify web hosting fee of $39.99 a month charged by Shopify once you set up a Shopify account per our web developer's instructions to build your store.

10. Is there a business license required to sell Cscrubs?

A sales tax-id in your state is required to sell Cscrubs and can be obtained within 90 days of opening your account by signing a sales tax id waiver. Once this information is obtained, you will email it to our sales department, where we will keep it on file.

11. What is your refund or returns policy?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. In the event of defaulting on a layaway plan for any reason, there will be NO REFUNDS given for any payments made (NO EXCEPTIONS). We value your business and want to see you to the finish line, so any previous payments made will be available as credit on the account for 90 days. Cscrubs reserves the right to sell any slot not collected within 10 days of the initial default. You may also resume payments on a defaulted account within 90 days until the account is paid off in full. Two or more defaults will require the full balance to be paid in full to receive your start-up package.


If our company makes any errors of any sort, we will accommodate you and correct the issue within 10 business days. Our company stands behind its products 100%. In the unlikely event of defective merchandise, we will reship and correct the order guaranteed. Also, In the unlikely event, your zip code is not available after purchase, we will refund you 100%.

12. How long will it take for my account to be up and running?

Cscrubs Cases are shipped within 5 to 7 business days from the date of the signed new account paperwork, Websites are completed within 45 days, and a welcome email with all Cscrubs policies and procedures is also emailed within 5 to 7 business days.

13. Can I add additional products and alter my website?

Absolutely! You may make any changes or add any products that you have soliciting rights to.

14. Can I add my own logo to the scrubs (Private Label)?

No, the scrubs that we carry are owned by Cscrubs. Our brand name cannot be altered into your own brand. For example, one cannot take a Cscrubs Uniform and change the brand name to "Sasha's Scrubs." This would be known as a "Private Label." In this case, you would need to contact a manufacturer to make/design your very own scrub line.

A project as such would cost you about a few hundred thousand minimum if done the correct way. Here at Cscrubs, we place you in business to sell our well-known established brands “The Cscrubs Collection” which already earns millions for our retailers combined nationwide.

Private label is no easy venture, and it costs thousands of dollars with no guarantee those items can outdo the current competition. Get started with our packages and capitalize off well-established brands; that's the best way to go!

15. Can I offer embroidery to my customers?

Absolutely! We do not currently provide embroidery services for your orders as a wholesale company; However, this is a service you can have done by contacting a local embroidery company and providing them with the company logo you wish to have added to the uniform. This is done in the event you have a facility or customer that needs their company's logo embroidered on the uniform for staff or students to wear. Embroidery is very affordable and runs anywhere from $3 to $6 apiece. It's best to add the cost of the embroidery onto the price of the uniform top/jacket to ensure you are fully reimbursed for the cost.

16. How does the layaway program work and do I have to be paid in full before starting?

Our layaway plan makes it super easy for you to make payments towards your account. There is a 25% down payment required and the balance can split into 12 easy payments over the course of 180 days. Layaway payments are set up through our PayPal reoccurring invoice system where you can click on each invoice and make a payment. All invoices will be automatically emailed to you. Your account can be paid off early by contacting our sales team, and services will start once paid in full.

17. What happens if I relocate will I lose my slot?

No, once your account is opened, you can sell anywhere in the world! Relocations happen all the time; no worries! We've got you covered.

18. Do I need a business address to sell Cscrubs?

A business address is not required to sell Cscrubs. You may open a P.O box for shipping purposes while you run the business from the comfort of your home.

19. How do I get started with little to no cash on hand?

Here are some ways to get started with us with little or no cash on hand. Many of our retailers have started successfully this way and are doing well in business. 

  • Put your credit card to use and pay it back with your profits.
  • Borrow from your 401k.
  • Borrow from a home equity line of credit.
  • Invest with a partner.
  • Apply for a loan.
  • Use our layaway plan.

20. What is the success rate of Cscrubs retailers?

Our top sellers have earned up to $100k plus a year selling Cscrubs! We have no millionaire retailers outside of the owner YET but we are working on it! With hard work and dedication, you can be very successful in this lucrative business. Anyone can sell Cscrubs. You do not need to be a healthcare professional, although it is a plus. Take charge of your financial future and get started with Cscrubs today!


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